Bengali Cultural Society, Reading is a UK registered charitable organisation managed by trustees elected by the members on an annual basis.

The composition of the current Trustees is as follows: 


                    Abhijit Chakrabarti                                                                         Sourav Dutta                                                                         Arghya Dey
                           Chairman                                                                            General Secretary                                                                       Treasurer                 

         Arindam Basu           Aniruddha Bandopadhyay      Chandan Bhowmik              Jayita Guin                     Ratna Ghosh                 Soma Mandal
                     Trustee                                  Trustee                           Trustee                            Trustee                           Trustee                           Trustee      

The above Trustees for 2020/21 were elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting held on 25th July 2020. All subsequent Trustees would be elected and/or confirmed at future Annual General Meetings.

The Trustees are responsible for the management of the affairs of BCS and allocates responsibilities as it sees fit. Any member may stand for election in order to become a Trustee. Such elections are decided by a simple majority of the members present at an Annual General Meeting.

The offices of the Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer are elected at the Annual General Meeting and these office-bearers become members of the Trustees automatically.

The total number of Trustees is decided at the Annual General Meeting.

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